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Fog sanitising is leading the way in popularity within the cleaning sector and is becoming more essential as the world adapts to more stringent cleaning policies and procedures. Whilst traditional cleaning is still recommended to prevent the spread of bacteria, fog sanitising reaches areas traditional cleaning may not.

  • Qualified Technicians
  • High Level of sanitising
  • Non-Wetting Dry Fog
  • Non-Toxic / Food Safe
  • No Residue
  • Kills 99.99% of all Viruses, Bacteria and Mold


Whatever your premises, we can create a bespoke service.

Fog sanitising can be included in a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule or can be used as a one-off service, depending on your requirements. We understand the safety of your family, employees and customers are paramount and we will assist in creating a sanitised safe environment for all.



Fog sanitising uses a specialist Ultra Low Volume (ULV) machine that converts the detergent into a fine mist.

The fog of micro droplets is propelled across all surfaces including hard to reach areas. Once dry it leaves surfaces fully sanitised.

The chemicals we use are: EN 14476, EN 1276 and EN 1650.


Sanitising warehouses, containers, staffrooms and offices is important to keeping the countries industries moving by providing a safe environment for staff to work.

Health Ccare sanitising

Health Care

We are proud to support our healthcare workers in there workplaces such as hospitals and GP surgeries. Dentists, physiotherapist clinics and opticians are equally as important to us.

Sanitising Schools


The environment that children and teachers learn and work in is top of the list when it comes to being COVID SECURE. All forms of educational sites from nurseries, pre-schools, schools, colleges and university sites are heavy with footfall.

Sanitising transportation


It is vital that all modes of transport are sanitised to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. Buses, coaches and trains are included in our service.

Work place sanitising


Businesses are the heart of our economy, so ensuring workplaces are safe for both staff and future returning customers is extremely important to all involved. We cover businesses such as offices, shops, cinemas, theatres, hotels and gyms to name but a few.

Restaurant sanitisation


Pubs, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants need to be COVID secure to keep staff safe and provide customers with confidence.

Home sanitisation


Keeping your family home free from COVID 19 is everyone’s priority. All domestic size properties from 1 bed flats, rental returns, student accommodation to large family homes can be sanitised. Whatever your need we can create a bespoke service for you.

Who We Are

At RoH Fog Sanitising our fully trained technicians adhere to all health and safety protocols and wear full personal protection equipment whilst sanitising your premises.

There is no need to prepare the premises or move furniture or electrical goods.

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